Herniated Discs

Low Force Cox Technic

Dr. Dan Farah Performing Low Force Cox TechnicDr. Farah achieved certification as a Cox Technic provider from the National College of Chiropractic in 1998. Tackling the most difficult cases seen by Doctors of Chiropractic required specialized training. Finding the one technique, which utilized LOW FORCE treatment for decompression, led me to Cox Technic.

Specific movement patterns and gentle hand contacts allow for incredible success in treating these conditions, which previously had gone on to surgery. Confidence in caring for these cases was established by using research-proven protocols, which produce 91% success in 3 months or less, with only 3.5% of patients ending up in surgical correction. Over 78% of all patients treated utilizing Cox Technic reported fair to excellent outcomes.

Cox Technic allows for spinal decompression which:

  1. Relieves pain.
  2. Increases disc space and nerve openings which reduces pinching and compression on nerves and discs reducing pressures within the disc by 250%.
  3. Provides nutrient transport in and out of the cartilage disc; rehydrates compressed discs and counters effects of gravity.
  4. Stretches long spinal muscles and “core” muscles, which restrict motion during inflammation and pain.
  5. Repairs and restores cartilage tissues by improving nutrient transport from bone marrow production sites to cartilage spaces where it is utilized.

Dr. Farah is currently the ONLY certified provider of this treatment in Brown County, Kewaunee County, and Door County.